Defense Language Institute - DLI

This project was an extension of the DLI that was approximately 400 square meters which included construction, equipment, maintenance, and janitorial services.  The ground floor consists of a library, lobby, and restroom facilities.  The first and second floors consist of two state of the art Language Lab facilities for 25 students each and one office space on the second floor

The Language Labs are supported by state of the art equipment such as SMART Boards, overhead projectors, document projectors, desktops for the instructor and students.  In addition, the laboratories are supported by a dedicated server in which all CDs intended to assist with the teaching/learning process can be uploaded to.  A VTC system was also added to one of the Language Labs in an effort to communicate with other Language Institutes throughout the world






Furthermore, the first and second floors of the DLI were refurbished.  On the first floor, we maximized the amount of space available by building two classrooms and one additional office space for the instructors.  The first floor also consists of a Language Lab and a reception/graduation hall.  On the second floor, we built eight classrooms and three office spaces for the instructors   

The use of the latest technology and quality products will become the example for all other Language Institutes to emulate

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